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General Disclaimer

Users of this resource accept full responsibility for the accuracy, suitability and safety of the information they supply to the website and/or forums. In no way shall Gens ace or Tattu, their ownership, management, administration and/or agents be held responsible for information posted on the website or in the forums by individual users. RC is risky and if you don't practice it safely you can cause yourself and other persons harm. Proceed at your own risk.

Users of this website and/or the forums operated by Gens ace or Tattu, shall find Gens ace or Tattu and their agents, owners, management and administrators harmless for any claims of liability, damage or injury of any kind resultant to, incidental to, or consequential to information contained therein.

Operation of remotely controlled models and other devices discussed on this site is a practice that requires a prior knowledge of safe, prudent practices and techniques. Gens ace or Tattu is not responsible for the education of, or practices by, operators of such devices. Nor is Gens ace or Tattu responsible to provide this necessary training.

The information contained on, and the acts depicted in videos contained in this Gens ace or Tattu website are for informational purposes only. The practices depicted therein were performed by experienced professionals under controlled conditions, and on a closed course. You should not attempt to duplicate what you see on this website. Gens ace or Tattu makes no warranties expressed or implied to the suitability of the information, instructions, techniques or illustrations contained herein for any purpose. Gens ace or Tattu shall be held harmless and without liability for the use, dissemination, consumption, misuse, application or consequences resulting from the information contained in this website.

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