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Choose the right battery
(03-20-2017, 08:15 AM)agnes Wrote: Some drivers or pilots nowadays ,once they wanted to chase after quality,C rate is the thing they focus,we have received feedbacks about they only need 100C,or the power is not enough.

But that impression is not correct.

EG:                      5000mah 100C 2S
Consistent current:500A
Burst current        :1000A

Which gauge or ESC can handdle 1000A?

And normally the 100C is twice price compared normal c rate,but do you really need to pay double?

I also know some people choose 100c doesn't mean trust the true 100c rate,but it performs better,as for that,i recommend  to
check your esc,and  search on professional fb groups or rc forums for the related batteries,and choose one who owns the reputation
and sure with lower price.

Rotor riot FB group for fpv
As for cars,forum has better answer

Or you can email related battery company for professional answer.

Hope my advice helps
Great advice! Choose you really need instead of the most expensive. Ii is not wise to pay for extra money.

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