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Best Lipo Battery 2017: Batteries Guide
There are so many battery brands on the market, which one do you would like to select? As below, listed a few best lipo batteries, some point of views are collected from experienced pilots on the internet. Let us to see the best Lipo batteries below:  Venom 20C 3S 6400mAh 11.1V[Image: Venom-20C-3S-6400mAh-11.1V.jpg]The Venom 20C 3S is a great option if you are looking for something long-lasting for your drone. If you are the kind of person that wants your drone to cover long distances, this is the LiPo battery for you.The great thing about this battery is that it contains three cells, hence the 3S in the name. This means that you have triple the time you would have otherwise. Furthermore, the efficiency with which this battery has been manufactured ensures that it remains light in spite of the long-lasting effects it has.The battery also discharges quite quickly, making it easy for you to get it charged up and ready to go again with ease. One benefit of this battery that is quite noticeable is how cool it stays no matter how long you use it.Overheating is a common problem faced by a lot of Lipo batteries, but the solid polymer electrolyte used here is so efficient that you are really not going to face any troubles using it as far as heat is concerned. This is important because it can prevent your machine from getting damaged, as would be the case with batteries that tend to overheat.Perhaps the best thing about this battery is how it manages to efficiently provide power to your car without sacrificing speed or agility. This battery manages to give your vehicle the kick it needs to run at maximum speed while maintaining a cool outer casing, and the low charging times are also something you are going to truly appreciate.If there is one problem with this battery, it's the overall bulkiness you are going to have to deal with. However, this is something easily remedied as long as you make sure your car is compatible.Floureon 2 Packs 30C 2S 7.4V 5200mAh[Image: Floureon-2-Packs-30C-2S-7.4V-5200mAh-1.jpg]This two-pack dual series battery is a great midrange option if you are looking for a powerful battery that does not take too long to charge up. With a lot of batteries that offer power, charge times can be a real issue.However, the construction of this battery has replaced the hard outer casing often used for a softer one, which means less resistance during the charging process. Hence, the solid polymer becomes a lot more adept at absorbing electricity, resulting in an efficient chemical reaction.This battery uses a JST-XH connector which is compatible with a great number of drones and motorized vehicles. This compatibility ensures that you can swap the battery around with your various gadgets rather than having to use a different one each and every time - a very significant benefit if you ask me.While using this battery, I noticed that there was a fair amount of heat coming off of the surface. This was a problem but one that is quickly solved when it is discharged. The discharging process is swift and efficient and once discharged, the battery cools down very quickly indeed.The affordable price range for this battery along with the stellar customer service offered makes it a great option for someone looking for an entry-level Lipo power source that would not break the bank and would be easy to use for a long period of time.It may not live up to the standard set by more expensive batteries, but this is a fair tradeoff for being so affordable and easy to set up. The customer service is great, so if you feel like the battery does not meet your expectations, you can get help without any hassle at all.Gens ace LiPo Battery Pack 5000mAh 50C 2S 7.4V[Image: Gens-ace-LiPo-Battery-Pack-5000mAh-50C-2S-7.4V.jpg]This 5000mah 2s 7.4v battery is on the lighter side, which is a great boon if you are using it on a boat. When using this battery, it is important to note that the lightness makes a difference to the velocity of the boat or car, thus forcing you to readjust your usage based on the new weight.This is not a problem at all when you consider that it actually allows your boat or car to move a lot faster.One other thing that I noticed while using this battery was that it was quite efficient at dispatching power. A short charge time can get a great deal of battery life, so if you charge the battery up for about fifteen minutes, you can expect about an hour and a half of battery life.Another thing to note is the fact that this battery comes with a hard case. Soft cases can be a real pain to manage as they can cause the battery to get damaged even if you are careful, so the fact that you are getting a hard case here gives you a lot of value with your purchase overall.The quick charging aside, this battery has been specifically designed for models such as the Traxxas Slash, so if you are looking for a LiPo power source that is suited to your specific needs, you have found it right here. Just bear in mind that the light weight and hard case make for a less efficient charging situation if you are looking for long-term use.This battery works best in short bursts in spite of the high cycle life, but this is not a problem for vehicles such as the Traxxas Slash, as you would not be needing longevity with such models anyway.Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 20C LiPo Pack[Image: Turnigy-2200mAh-3S-20C-LiPo-Pack.jpg]This three-cell powerhouse has a lot of pep to it. You can use it in burst mode or standard mode, giving your drone or car a turbo boost of energy or allowing you to use it at normal speeds depending on your preference.The soft case that it comes in may be easily damaged so you would have to handle this with care, but bear in mind that it comes with the added benefit of its low weight. Weight is an important factor when it comes to selecting, and the efficiency of the cells along with the low weight of the overall structure can help you get some pretty incredible speeds from your car overall.A full charge does not take very long at all and can give you up to fifteen minutes of flight time with a standard drone. This comes from the very high C rating that this battery has received, so you can use it for those fun afternoons flying your drone around and rest easy in the knowledge that short charges are going to get you a great deal of battery life that can result in some fun drone flying sessions.However, the soft packaging can often be a problem if you do not take proper care of your battery. Not being careful can result in cell damage in a short amount of time.This is more often than not the result of improper use, though, so as long as you take care of the LiPo battery and make sure that it does not get knocked around too much, you won't have to worry about anything getting broken or damaged. The benefits of this battery are numerous and are sure to help you make the most of your drone flying experience.Venom 25C 2S 5000mAh 7.4V Hard Case LiPo Battery[Image: Venom-25C-2S-5000mAh-7.4V-Hard-Case-LiPo.jpg]One of the best things about the Venom 25C 2S is the fact that it has a universal plug. Having to fiddle about with adapters when you get a plug that needs a specific kind of socket can be a real hassle and can take a lot away from your experience of using a Traxxas, so getting a universal plug here will definitely allow you to get a more intuitive and user-friendly experience from this LiPo battery.This battery also gives you some serious longevity as far as the life of your product is concerned. If you spend the money it would take to get the Venom 25C, you can pretty much rest assured that you have the perfect battery for all of your needs for at least a couple of years.Take good care of the battery, and you are looking at a lifetime of over four years, twice as long as some of the best LiPo batteries provided by other brands.One thing that might make you a little uncertain about whether or not this battery is right for you is the price. A price this high is often a sign that your battery is just banking on brand value, but in this case, it's actually worth it.This is because this battery is so versatile that it can fit into any device, and the lightweight, compact casing it comes in would ensure that you never have any trouble taking it along with you when you are off to use your drone. The only thing you will have to worry about is a slightly longer than average charging time, which is not really a problem when you consider how efficient this battery truly is.All in all, there is very little about this LiPo battery that you are going to have trouble with, which is what makes it one of the best LiPo batteries money can buy.Traxxas 2872X 5000mAh 11.1V 3S 25C[Image: Traxxas-2872X-5000mAh-11.1V-3S-25C.jpg]The Traxxas 2872X is specifically designed to work with Traxxas models, giving you a great battery that is pretty much streamlined for your specific use if you are using related products.The wiring is soldered right into the cell wall, resulting in a much more efficient charging situation with charge times being very low and helping you get a great deal of use time out of them.One of the reasons that this battery is so efficient has to do with the fact that the discharge tabs are wider than they normally are. This makes the discharge of power through the electrodes a lot more efficient while allowing control of power to ensure that your machine never ends up getting damaged in any way.Overheating also becomes a less common problem with the wider discharge tabs, as these tabs tend to disperse the heat produced by the chemical reactions in a much more even manner.The connectors are also soldered into the body of this battery rather than being connected via wires. This is a great feature as it allows you to get a lot more efficiency during charging while making this battery a lot longer lasting as there are no flimsy wires that could easily break at any time.This helps give the battery a longer lifetime, as wear and tear is inevitable and the less susceptible your battery is, the longer you are going to be able to use it.The only real problem with this battery, apart from the fact that it's not quite as light as it should be, is that it is not all that compatible with models from other brands, but you are probably not going to be buying this to use with other brands.Getting this battery can be a great help to you while you are using various Traxxas models, no matter what model you happen to be using. The efficient charging and high efficiency of discharge allow you to make the most of this battery.Tattu LiPo Battery Pack 1300mAh 75C 4S 14.8V[Image: Tattu-LiPo-Battery-Pack-1300mAh-75C-4S-14.8V.jpg]This lightweight battery is a great option if you are not looking for something heavy-duty but prefer efficiency instead. If you are using drones, weight can be a real issue. Using this battery would allow you to get maximum efficiency as your drone would not get weighed down by the mass of its battery. It can also help improve the buoyancy of your boat.The lightweight structure of this 1300mah 75c 4s battery has virtually no impact on its efficiency, however. This is a quick charging battery, with a few minutes of charging getting you up to fifteen minutes of power for your drone. Another thing to appreciate is the sturdy casing.Soft though it may be, this casing manages to provide a great amount of support for the battery, allowing it to withstand a little bit of rough treatment. If you're clumsy like me, this firm casing can be a huge boon as it would help you get a much longer lifespan.The light weight has a drawback though; this is a battery that does not have a lot of power, but then again, if you are going for something so compact, power is probably not what you are looking for.One thing that a lot of people tend to overlook when they are buying a battery is customer service. It is important to go for a company that provides stellar customer service as anything could go wrong at any time.One thing you are certainly going to love when you get this battery is how friendly and cooperative the customer service agents are.No matter what issue you might have, giving customer service a call will have your problems resolved in no time at all. The amount of relief you are going to get from this battery is incalculable and really emphasizes what a wonderful battery this is.Source:
I have 3 of the Gens Ace 2S 50C 5000mAh hard packs and love them. I recently entered the world of 1/8th scale (Arrma Talion) and run 4S. I will be getting another 2S very soon. These are very reliable and durable batteries plus the prices are good. Keep up the good work Gens Ace!Big Grin
(03-14-2017, 01:58 PM)ArrmaFan Wrote: I have 3 of the Gens Ace 2S 50C 5000mAh hard packs and love them. I recently entered the world of 1/8th scale (Arrma Talion) and run 4S. I will be getting another 2S very soon. These are very reliable and durable batteries plus the prices are good. Keep up the good work Gens Ace!Big Grin

fantastic! Glad you like Gens ace, too! 

But the Arrma Talion can not load 2 x 2S?
Yes, the Talion can accept (2) 2S packs or single 4S,5S,6S packs. I like running 4S total to keep the motor temps down. I am not a huge speed freak but if I want the Talion to pick up some more top-end on 4S, i can simply change the pinion gear. Big Grin

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