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Top 5 Tips for Drone Maintainance
Be equipped
First of all, buy all the tools and materials you can use to keep your drone clean. For the basics, you need the following in your box: microfiber cloths or pipe cleaners, a small brush (make sure its bristles are soft), compressed air or gas duster, light lubricant (never use heavy oil), and Isopropyl alcohol.You can also toss in some toothpicks for when stubborn dirt gets stuck in the gear. Pack up some extra props, some screwdrivers, and, of course, extra batteries as well.

[Image: 1490605841_qs3JwErAednIcSY.jpg]

Take care of your batteries
They’re what makes your drone fly, so you have to make sure that they’re always in good shape. Strictly obey the following tips to maintain your batteries’ life span:Let your batteries cool down first before charging them.
• Charge your batteries at room temperature, and charge them to their full capacity.
• As much as possible, refrain from overcharging your batteries.
• You should also avoid fully draining your battery. Do your best to land your drone to charge before the low battery alert appears.
• Remove the battery whenever your drone is not in use.
• Store your batteries in a cool, dry place. 

Check everything before you fly
This includes the area, the drone itself, and the remote controller you’re using. First off, make sure that there aren’t any obstructions like trees, buildings, and overhead wires and telephone poles into which your drone might fly. You should check the weather too. As a rule of thumb, never fly your drone on windy, rainy, and humid days, only on dry, clear days.Second, find out if your drone has any problems. Only let it be airborne if it’s in good condition. This means that the props are working properly, the battery is fully charged, and the gears running smoothly.Third and last, set up the controller you’ll be using. It won’t hurt to familiarize yourself again with the switches, button, and sticks to avoid mix ups and confusion while your drone is in the air, so don’t forget to do so.

Give your drone a break
We all know how addictive it could be to fly your drone and take spectacular images and videos. However, you should keep in mind that gears and motors overheat over time. To avoid that happening to your drone’s mechanism, let your drone have enough rest before letting it take flight again.

Clean it up!
Never ever forget to clean your drone after every flying session. This is to prevent dirt, dust, and grime build up that could result to damage. Use the cleaning materials you packed in your kit: Compressed air, pipe cleaner, cloth, toothpick (only for stubborn dirt), and soft brush.Also, remember to remove and clean the props and then store them properly in the kit.

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