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The best Yuneec Typhoon H battery
When you use battery for a long time, the battery will get old, and flight time will gradually reduced. Most pilots can face this problems, thus you need to upgrade battery, a battery upgrade gives you many benefits and advantages. As yuneec typhoon H fans, we need a yuneec typhoon H battery replacement. So we will give you the best yuneec typhoon H battery for you:

 The yuneec typhoon H model is a drone which is popular for the exciting options it offers to both experienced and beginner drone pilots alike. With so much you can do with the powerful quadcopter, a battery upgrade can only add to the fun you can catch.Ultrax 6300mAh 14.8v 4S replacement lipo battery for Yuneec Typhoon H drone RC QuadcopterUltrax 6300mAh 4s upgraded smart battery with new appearance designs, With the huge and consistent demand it is currently enjoying, it is one of the most selling drone batteries in the market now.[Image: 1-5.jpg]

Brand: Ultrax
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer (LiPO)
Capacity: 6300mAh
Configuration: 4S1P
Voltage: 14.8v 93.24Wh
Item Dimensions: 170.6(L)*52.4(W)*11.5(H) mm
Net Weight: 570g

By choosing the best yuneec typhoon H battery upgrade and replacement from among the pack, you get to enjoy so many advantages and benefits.


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