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The 6 common problems about drones
When we are playing our drones at the free times, we will always meet some problems during the fling time, they will make us feel unhappy, there are 6 common problems about drones and the solutions.
1.The wings are often filmed into the view
When the drones flying in a high speed, the drones fuselage will be lean forward, so the wings are filmed easy.

Solution: 1 turn low the view angle of camera;

              2 reduce the flying speed
[Image: The-6-common-problems-about-drones-2.png]
2. Screens transmission is not smooth
The effects of Screens transmission, can be divided into two areas receiving distance and interference problems; the former is more frequently encountered problems. In fact, different brands of UAV will specify the effective image transmission and remote control signal receiving distance from hundreds of meters to several kilometers; near the critical point. Image transmission stability will be worse, much as long as the effective distance of about 70%, has had the opportunity to pass the screen figure is not smooth. Basically, this method does not solve, only slowly shorten the flight distance to restore the image transmission picture.

As for the interference problem, we should pay attention to whether there is a flight route in the presence of the interfering, operating UAVs such as overhead cables, such as mobile communication tower base. In general, the drone fly will pass disruptors after return to normal.
[Image: The-6-common-problems-about-drones-3.png]
High voltage wires can influence the safely of the Screens transmission, so UAV should get away from it.

3.receives GPS signals with block
The UAV receives more GPS satellite signals, the accuracy and stability of the flight will be higher; Sometimes there are GPS reception problems in open areas. The reason is disturbed by underground cables, or the location beside the rocks or walls, they are blocking the satellite signal.

At this time, we should go to another flying place, ensure the new place over 100 degrees for receiving satellite signals, it can operate as usual.

[Image: The-6-common-problems-about-drones-4.png]

The UAV receives GPS satellite number are more, the flight stability higher.

4.Abnormal flight direction
Although we advise to calibrate the compass before each flight, but I believe a lot of player think it is too busy to do this work, so sometimes they found the drones’ flight direction is wrong, or the drone tilt in one direction.

Solution: control the drone landed, compass correction; but we also should pay attention to whether the remote control settings is right, if necessary, we can restart or reset the remote control to solve the problem.
[Image: The-6-common-problems-about-drones-5.png]

When UAV flight direction is wrong, we can check the operation of the remote control .

5. UAV signal lost
Although the UAV technology has been quite mature, but the problem of lost signals occasionally occur. When lost signals, first we should keep calm, the majority of the UAV with GPS positioning function, will join the lost return mechanism; even if they are not return, the lost signal UAV will hover in the air . The player should be approached the UAV in order to shorten the distance of UAV to remote control, and try to reconnect; if it is necessary, you can restart the remote control, let them hookup again, you can control the right to recover the aircraft in general.

[Image: The-6-common-problems-about-drones-6.png]

The signal lost has no solution directly, if we set the return mechanism in advance, it can reduce the accidents happen.

6.The drone battery problem
Many drone players are all have battery problem, when we bought a new drone from manufacturers, the guide of the drone write flight time is 20-30 min, but when we flight some times, we found the drone really flight is not like they write; may be you want to shoot a 20mins long video, but the battery can’t support.

Solutions: most drone batteries are lipo batteries, drone lipo battery has its life and capacity, when we are always over discharge or over charge them, its capacity will change small, we should use the official charger to charge our batteries, when they are fully charge, we should stop to charge. When your battery’s power used over 80%, you need to stop to use it and charge it by its official charger. And we prepare some drone batteries for your drone, and you can know more knowledge about how to care your lipo battery .

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