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What charger do you use
When we first time prepared to get into hobby,we spent 90% of the money on equipments and eletronic parts,and then get the cheapest charger as long as it works,quality doesn't matter.

And then our skills are getting better,second we do is upgrade our batteries,so we can run faster,but barely anyone refresh their charger,but some became experts or professional,they starts to shift to fancy charger,like EV PEAK SD1,or graupner or Icharger 4010 DUO.

My question is ,does a good charger really matters and effect to your battery?What is your choice for a charger?
I want a EV-peak SD1 as well,but the price is too much for me,it is my dream charger.,and so is Graupner Polaron.But i think it is not worth it to pay almost 400$ for a fancy charger.

Now i am using Icharger 308DUO,got it when it is 210$.

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