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Blade Chrome battery
The Horizon Blade Chrome battery is only 27.58$ in your website,but the original one is around 120$,Is it about the different quality?

And my original battery can only get me 18-20 mins,would i get shorter flight time with your battery?

Thank you for any answers
Hello,Thank you for the posting.

I am Agnes from Gens ace,for sorting things out clearly for you,we Gens ace has our own factory,so sometimes we do promotion just to return 
some profits to the clients with certain items,so it is surely not about the quality,Gens ace ,including ultrax is our brand,we do not sell any batteries in lower quality.If you have been to our factory,you would see that all the defected batteries,even a little bit flaw would be discarded right away .We are not able to risk our reputation with one item's quality issue.

We haven't tested the flight time with the battery,but some pilots who tried it said the flight time is around 25 mins.

Hope my answer can help you.

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