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What is the RC airplane? and what is the difference between UAV and airplane ?
To put it simply,the model airplane is an aircraft with a simple system, flying at low speeds, imposing restriction on size, operating the flight in sight with remote-control unit.But different size of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has different performance, generally speaking,it is a aircraft with complex system ,needing the procedure to control,autonomous driving beyond the horizon.
[Image: 1489999948_dC52M4H1Qxx0kb9.jpg]
UAV is very like with model airplane, so many people are confused with model airplane and UAV, in fact, UAV and model airplane have essential difference. UAV has a more complicated, using ground platform that can realize autonomous flight, having built-in GPS and further flight miles; that is ,to some extent,UAV itself has intelligent reaction. And model airplane can only operate by remote control unit, flight within line of sight, and there is no GPS positioning and stable aero -control .

[Image: 1490000553_eQX4wJr1YrLBK0o.jpg]

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