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Battery Issue - Won't hold a charge now!
Hi ! I've got a problem. My two LIPO batteries are having problems. They won't hold a charge!

I left the batteries charged after last using them and stored them for a year and two months.

Well I charged them last month and all seemed well, until they gave up on takeoff. No damage. Then though when I tried discharging them and recharging them still the same action for both batteries.

Does anyone know if they are salvageable? I really don't want to shell out $150 on a single battery replacement.
Hi Frandy:
Your lipos are dead if you stored them at full charge for that length of time. The chemistry has broken down.

If you are going to not use a battery for over a month or 2 you must store them at 3.8V per cell. The storage charge.

Even at storage charge you need to check them every 6 months and recharge any that have dropped a cell below the 3.8V.

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